Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bra-fitter helps ladies fit in!

Celeste Braly (pronounced bra-lee) is a bra fitter in Alaska recently noticed by the Anchorage Daily News for her blooming boutique business in the Palmer Downtown Plaza. With customers ranging from ages 14 to 96, Celeste specializes in custom-fitted Beauty by Jeunique bras.

She got started in the business initially as a customer. As a size 40H, this former intensive-care nurse experienced neck and back pain from a bra that gave no support. So, she began a search for the perfect bra. When she found out about the Beauty by Jeunique bras and the opportunity—a bra fitter was born.

Celeste emphasizes that a proper fitting bra can virtually change one’s life. “It’s something you wear every day. It alters the shape and the fit of your clothing. It changes the way your posture behaves, therefore it can produce less strain on you neck and back . . . they tell us (to get enough food) sleep and exercise. In my mind, proper bra fitting is number four,” she said in an interview with the Anchorage Daily News.

She says that many women guess their bra size, and this results in women often wearing a band size that is too large and a cup that is too small. She gets a wide variety of people walking into her boutique and that keeps things interesting. In the bra-fitting business, Celeste realizes that every woman is unique. “Every single breast I have ever fit is different. No two are ever alike,” she says. Helping women “fit in” is to help them get into the “right bra” to help them feel better and be more comfortable. She loves the fact that her business is actually helping people. Celeste comments that many women actually “walk a little taller,” and “you can see them smile a little” after being fitted into a Beauty by Jeunique bra.

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